Italian Sandwich for a Crowd

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Good Crusty Bread

Olive Oil

Sal Pepper



Salamis (Plural because I get more than one kind)

Capicollo (Usually one spicy and one not spicy)


Provolone or Mozzarella

Roasted peppers

Marinated asparagus


Black or green olives

Roasted eggplant (really delicious in this sandwich)

Canned heart of artichokes


Follow video. Joke.

Halve your bread and empty some of the soft part, but leave some to make it yummy.

Spread the olive oil or pesto, the pesto is optional but really good.

Start your layers with the meats and cheese, place the vegetables in the center and repeat layers. Have fun.

Sprinkle with more olive oil and at times I add white balsamic vinegar. Add a little bit of salt and black pepper. Close your bread, wrap and let it rest a minimum of 4 hours in the refrigerator. A day is best.

Slice and serve, be ready to fight for your slice of the sandwich.

Note: This is great to bring to a day at the beach, there is no mayonnaise and cured meats only need cool, not cold for short periods of time. It is great to bring to a bevy of working people at events, it is also great at any party, inside or out. It is great anytime, all the day, summer, winter or in between seasons.  Love it and share it!