Pasta Night Recipes

Every Tuesday or so at the Pepin house is Pasta night, or Noodle Night as my Dad likes to call it. I often look for recipe ideas, but very rarely follow any of them, at times I look for ideas and don't find them, so I create them. Here are some of them! 


Chicken Ravioli

This ravioli has a few steps to it, and well worth the effort. This is how this recipe came to be. Than it was Tuesday and so Pasta Night at my house. I thought, great, I will make chicken ravioli for supper. I did a quick search on Pinterest and nothing came up right away, so I guess chicken in ravioli is not common. Here is a winner of a recipe! 


Homemade Pasta

Making your own pasta takes some courage, and a lot of passion. It is something you practice and get so good at, a recipe is something of the past, Here I have a guide on how I make it, feel free to have fun making it. 

Cheesy Tuna Casserole

7 Ingredient Pasta Dish

Super easy pasta dish to make on weeknights, Saturday nights or Sunday nights! Try it and let me know.