Mains, Meat and Stuff

Lemon Paprika & Garlic Chicken

Stromboli with Steak

Cheesy Tuna Casserole

Comfort Food for those cold days of the year, using staple items from your pantry. 


Family Favorite Meatballs

I started making meatballs in a way I never read about…and they won over my family like nothing else before, and here is the base of the recipe, by now, I assume you know, there is plenty of room for creativity.

Tomato Sauce Wonder

Tomato Sauce Wonder

This is the bomb, you have to try it and you will be won over. 

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Decadent Beef Burger

During the summer and other times of the years, hamburgers have become my go to, don't have to think meal for many. I always pimp them up however as I do not love simple burgers, I love what goes into a burger. Here is an easy, your family will love version of a burger. Enjoy!


Roasted tomatoes for tomato sauce or soups!

Beef in Tomato Sauce

The fall days have been here for a while, and though we still have warm days, the darkness of nights come early and heart-warming foods seem to be just what we need. So try this and let me know how it comes out! 

Osso Bucco for a Crowd

Burger à La Belle Excuse

Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls


Canadian Style BBQ Beans

Sometimes I am curious as to my southern neighbors tastes in food, from everything fried, to everything smoked and BBQed. A good friend got me the cookbook Cookin' with Corky's. I am playing around with BBQ recipes and adapting them to our culture and available ingredients. Try it for yourself! The men in my household were totally surprised by the BBQ flavors, but loved it.

Friday Night Cassoulet, not traditional.