Good Stuff

Some recipes don't quite fit in any category yet, I will place them here till I find a good place for them.

Homemade Full-proof Ricotta

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Pastrami

Fresh Herbs Mushroom Sauce

This sauce is delicious with veal scallopini, chicken, pork and steak, it makes for a good quick pasta sauce also, just try it!

Brussel Sprouts, Jamie Oliver's Way

Cheesy Tuna Casserole

Pickled Cucumbers

I make these a lot, try them and love them!

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Butter Biscuits & Dumplings

Butter, Lemon and Herbs Potatoes

Roasted Tomato Soup

Tasty Tzatziki Sauce

Richelles BBQ Rub

Richelle BBQ Rub

This is a rub I have adapted to us Canadians, less sweet, and quite flavourful. I make it and use it on everything from my meat, to breakfast over easy eggs and more...enjoy it as much I do.

FaC Seasoning Mix

Richelle's Iced Tea

I get demands for this recipe continuously, now, I am sending everyone here!

Pork Brine

We don't always have 24 hours or more to brine our meat, I do love thick pork chops, but often run out of time to brine. I like to brine because the meat cooks nicer and you need not cook the meat as much from what I read elsewhere, I do like my pork chops medium at the very least. This brine is great for 6-8 large pork chops. 

Apple Bacon Corn Bread

Bacon Apple Cheddar Corn Bread. I love to have these with chili, bbq baked beans too! They are good for a snack too. 

Tastiest Cream of Carrot Soup