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Friday Night Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Pastrami

Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are common on Fridays for my family. I try to vary and like to add meat if the soup is without proteins. In this case it was pastrami, roast beef would be yummy also.

Have at it, be creative and bon appétit!


Good thick fresh bread

Jalapeño Cheese

Pastrami (Medium cut)

Grainy Mustard (Old Fashioned)



Make as many as you want, in my case it was a dozen or so.

Apply the grainy mustard on the side the meat goes. Layer a few slices of meat, add the lettuce, cheese and close. Apply butter on both sides before grilling.

Grill till golden and crisp Serve with my Roasted Tomato Soup or any other wonderful soup!

Serve it with my Roasted Tomato Soup. Find recipe here.