Making Your Own Pasta

Homemade Pasta
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5 cups AP(all-purpose) flour or

4 cups AP flour and 1 cup semolina flour

5 eggs (approximate, add more water if less eggs!)

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp coarse salt

As I have previously said, I have stopped using a recipe a long time ago, I found them to be inaccurate for me to use as I use eggs in my pasta from my hens, and believe (correctly or not) that it makes my pasta healthier, I usually measure out about 5 cups of AP (all-purpose) flour, sometimes I will use semolina too, about 1 cup for 4 cups flour, and I add as many eggs I want, I usually use 6 or 7. I will then add a good pinch of sea salt and about 2 tablespoon olive oil.

I try to be careful not to add too much water, it is better to have a stiffer dough than too wet.

Using the dough hook on my KitchenAid, I work the dough till it is shiny and forms a ball on its own.

I then flour my butcher-block and dump the dough onto the surface, reversing the bowl over it. I try to let it rest some 20 minutes.

I then separate in four balls, placing 3 back under the bowl and work with one, flattening it, making sure there is plenty of flour, and then starting at the largest setting, I pass it through the pasta maker three times at that setting, folding it in three onto itself, I then start really rolling out the pasta till it is the thickness of choice, I rarely go to the last setting, unless for a very delicate ravioli.

Tip of the day: I use a pizza cutter to cut off my pasta the size I want, it cuts better than anything else!

I usually prefer to let any pasta dry out for a bit (30 to 60 min) before cooking as it is easier to handle, I find hanging it works best for me, but I do plan on making pasta that can also dry on a sheet pan with a lot more flour like a professional!

I hope this is a simplified method of making pasta for you, I know that it thrills me to serve it to my family every time!

Cook it in roiling boiling very salted water for...not long, starting at 3 minutes before testing it. I suggest cooking it till al dente. Bon appétit!