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Easy How-To Frittata

In a large 2-quart pan - Serves 8

Frittatas seem exotic and mysterious; they are something you order for lunch or dinner at a restaurant! Ah ha! If you only knew. Frittatas are the best brunch food, party food, crowd pleasing food because of how it is easy to prepare and I do like them better than a quiche. It is also great, warm with a salad, cold as left overs, on and on and on. It can also easily be dairy free, Paleo and gluten free! Who knew?

A Frittata is an Italian dish, now adapted to us. I like to start mine in a skillet, but finish it in a very hot oven. I like to use my iron skillet, but not always. I don’t like using tomatoes because of the water content, so if using, I would salt and drain the tomatoes. Though zucchini too lets out a lot of water, it is not as bad as it is sautéed.

·      To me, it is important to start with sautéing all of the vegetables and meat to get all the flavourings going before I add the eggs.

·      It is important to beat the eggs only so much as needed, not whip them, you want the egg white and yolk to become one without over mixing.

·      I season every step while making the frittata using my own seasoning mix.

·      Most combinations you try will work, my base is very thinly sliced potatoes and sliced onions.

I do not use milk in my Frittata, I do not think it is needed. I like to use Parmesan, but a good cheddar, or any hard cheese would be wonderful, Goat cheese, burrata or bocconcini also if you are making an Italian version.

You can also use any meat, from breakfast sausages, bacon to chorizo, ham, left over roast beef, etc…



Olive oil or your oil of choice (if you are using bacon, using some of the bacon fat is yummy)

8 to 10 large eggs

1 large potato (sliced very thinly, using a mandolin works great or your food processor)

1 medium to large onion, sliced

1 c. breakfast sausage (I love the Costco veal sausage, but any will do)

Seasoning Mix or Salt and Pepper

1 ½ c. vegetable of your choice (bell peppers, leek, spinach, arugula, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, on and on and on)

½ c. parmesan (or other)


Heat oven to °400 F.

Start by cooking the bacon if using, if not pour enough oil into your pan to coat and a but more, start cooking your potatoes till tender, remove, add your meat and veggies and sauté till tender, season at every step.

Beat together till just homogeneous the eggs, a pinch of seasoning mix and cheese together.

Add the potatoes back into the pan and pour the egg mixture over it all, cook for 2 minutes.

Place into the oven and cook till the eggs are just set, overcooking will make for a dry frittata, about 8 minutes. Keep your eyes on it.

Remove from the oven and eat while piping hot, beautifully warm, or cold the next day in your lunch!

Note: A good party variation is to place your cooked ingredients in a buttered 8 x 14’’ baking dish and pour the eggs over and bake at 375° F for 20 to 25 minutes.