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Welcome to the best part of my life. I will share here my passion for family, food and feeding them, it is truly feeding a crowd!


Life is short, try something different! R.F.

Fruit Fly Trap in 40 Seconds.

Life is short, laugh more, worry less. R.F.
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Some of my Favorite Things

Some of my Favorite Things

Products to Look Out For & Enjoy

I am encouraging everyone to look out for local products that are delicious and easy to use.

Here is a short list to start from my area Lanaudière.

1.     La Belle Excuse

a.     Crème de Balsamique

*Use it on your meat patties for hamburgers.

*On your tomatoes and basil with a ripened cheese



b.     Vinaigre de Balsamique Blanc/White Balsamic Vinegar

*In your salad dressings - simply use olive oil, one of the vinegars, sea salt and black pepper. Yum. 

*Bruschettas and tomatoes

*In a tomato sauce instead of sugar

c.     Fleur de Sel

*Fleur de sel is more expensive, but one container lasts a long time, use it as a condiment on top of your pasta and your salads, fish and meat. So good!

d.     Gros Sel de Mer-Sea salt

This product is not expensive, the container large, and the quality excellant, use it to replace iodized salt or as a second option in any recipe, it is great for rubs on meats and for my FaCs Seasoning Mix.

Les jardins d'Émilie

2.     Les Jardins d’Émilie

a.     Herbes Salées

* I have discovered this product a few months ago and love using it, it is salty, briny and easy to use, use it in your marinades, on meat, with fish, and to quickly season and balance a sauce. 

I do plan on trying more of their products!

3.     À fleur de pot

a.     Vinaigrettes/salad dressings

*The two dressings they offer are easy to use and pair so well with any salad, I have used them in my pasta salads with great success, and used 'la délicieuse' with a beet salad and it was awesome, and approved by my very picky friends and sisters too!

b.     Fleur d’ail - garlic flower

*I am seriously falling in love with this product, dried garlic flower has a delicate taste carrying all the pleasantness of garlic and none of the stringent taste or heat. The jar is a tad expensive but will last you a long long time, well worth it. I especially enjoy it during the times of the year it is hard to find fresh local garlic. 

c.     Délice à la fleur d’ail

*I wasn't sure about this product, it was quite different from what I ever use or used to. I was happy to taste and try it however and talk about success. Again, this product is more expensive than others but no more than a jar of good quality spice. It is very versatile and has a bite to it, it adds that extra kick to a dish that makes it memorable as opposed to just another meal. I have used it in my chicken marinade, in my white sauces and to create my salad dressings. It is easily becoming a must-have in my pantry. 

I hope you enjoy this small blog, I still do not have an oven, but there is always something to chat about when it comes to food. Go out there, try new products and more importantly, have fun in the kitchen, remember to think outside the box!

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