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5 Local Products from Lanaudière

5 Local Products from Lanaudière

So I was doing my Sunday food shopping and here and there were stands with local products made and produced right here in Lanaudière. Very interesting!

I tasted and enjoyed all five of them, one I already knew and spoke of: À Fleur de pot. I already enjoy their garlic and herb mixes, which I use several times a week to flavour my sauces and casseroles, or use in marinades and dressings. Though the small jars seem expensive, a little goes a long way, and of course, if your see their fresh garlic in your stores, buy it while there is still some left! Once it goes out, we must wait till next year's crop. 

The one that interested me for the upcoming Holidays were from le Baron Artisanale, they had  alcoolized cream soda and root beer for me to taste, how fun! I bought the cream soda after tasting it, it was yummy for sure, and probably a dangerous drink since it is very sweet tasty booze. Because it is so sweet, I created a drink with 2 parts Baron Artisanale cream soda and one part pomegranate juice with a dash of lime juice, it was approved my myself and my girls! It would probably go well with a ruby red grapefruit juice too. 

The third one was from "Fruit du jour!". Fresh berries frozen straight out of the fields, and so local, many of our kids worked in those fields, gathering berries as their summer jobs. What to do with such delicious fruit? I am thinking cobblers, pies and perfect for shakes of all kinds. There is something to be said about buying products that are not crossing whole continents to come to our markets and into our homes!

The fourth product is from a company called Val Notre-Dame Abbey or Abbaye Val Notre-Dame, they carry many top quality products, and for the upcoming holidays, I propose the fruit cake, dense, packed with candied fruit and no bitter taste that is common in many fruitcakes. A sure bet and a dessert perfect to serve with creme anglaise or whipped cream. 

The fifth one, I saved for last, as it is the biggest surprise of all. HOT SAUCE! Yes, dare I say it, a hot sauce made right here in Lanaudière, Quebec, the company is Les Merveilles DU VERGER, they grow their own hot peppers in hothouses and have developed a series of products just for us, lovers of hot sauces and spicy herb mixes. I noticed they also have honey and soaps? I tried the hot sauce "Sang de Dragon", it is a good balance of hot and sweet, not too hot and perfectly sweet, easy to use and a bonus to have in one's pantry. 

So here are 5 products for you to try and tell me all about it!

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