Iced Tea
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Here is my recipe, of course, you can play with it, do what feels and tastes good!


12 tea bags

2/3 c. sugar

½ cup lemon juice.

Steep the tea bags in approximately 6 cups cold water in a clear pitcher. Let is steep for a minimum of 4 hours in the sun or against a window. (Indirect sun works too!) Using cold water seems to be important, it keeps the tea nice and smooth in flavor.

Remove the tea bags from the water without squeezing too hard. Add the sugar and lemon juice, stir till the sugar is completely dissolved, add ice and water to measure 2 liter or 2 quarts.

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Tip : Using good quality tea bag is important, and using good quality lemon juice is also, I always use ReaLemon. Having tried other cheaper brands ruined the iced tea.

Tea in Mason Jars

Making iced tea concentrate to save time: I have gotten in the habit of making more than one recipe at a time, I use large mason jars and steep the tea in just enough water to have room for the sugar and lemon juice once I have removed the bags. Once the tea has steeped for 4 hours or a whole day, I remove the bags from the mason jars, measure in the sugar and lemon juice, shake it till the sugar dissolves and place it in the fridge. To use, I pour it into a pitcher, add the ice and water to measure 2 liter/2 quarts and it's done.

This method also means I can make large quantities of the concentrate for parties and just add the water and ice when transferring it to the pitchers. It also means, I don’t have to make it daily anymore. It is also great to have on hand for unexpected guests.

Note: I do not know how long it keeps in the fridge, we always use it sooner than later.