All in Bread Making

OMG! Potato Bread

A few weeks ago, for pasta night, Felicity offered to bring the bread, I was happy she was and when she told me it was potato bread, I was curious, having heard about it and knowing it was not a traditional leavened bread.

Sooooo, here was the bread in front of me, I loved the shape and color right away, I touched it and wow, the bread had a bark to it, a lovely hard crunchy exterior. All things were looking good for this potato bread.

Mediterranean Bread

There is something to say about a bread that not only has a great mouthfeel and taste to it, but has an extra kick to it in the sense of flavours from added ingredients.

I used to make this bread mostly for picnics as it's a great standalone bread you can eat without butter. What is an even better way of eating it is with that lovely mixture of a premium olive oil and balsamic vinegar, for my personal choice, I would do a premium olive oil and flakes of “fleur de sel” or good sea salt.

Why Your Bread Dough Isn’t Rising

Bread making is so wonderful, it makes the house smell wonderful, it makes everyone smiles, it fills our bellies with deliciousness and makes memories.

I am so happy I have mostly mastered the art of bread making, but I at times fail, due to being in a hurry, to pushing boundaries or messing with the science of cooking with yeast, a live product that does need attention and care for it to work.

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

I do love making bread, with the years, I have become adept at it, though it didn’t take years to become good at it. The most important part is the temperature of your liquids when added to your yeast, too cold and the yeast will not bloom, too warm and you will cook it, I rarely use a thermometer myself, but suggest using one at first, the temperature you want is around 110° to 115° F. That to me is just warm on my wrist or finger, the same temperature I use for a babies’ bath or bottle. It’s silly but it works for me!