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Leftover Potato Pie

Leftover Potato Pie

I am telling you they exist. Using leftover mashed potatoes and putting it in a pie. I knew because my husband remembers eating them as a child. I remember the day he asked me to make it as we had left over mashed potatoes and I thought him crazy, then, we did not use the internet like we did today. I took out some old Canadian recipe books and sure enough. There is was, leftover mashed potato pit. Pretty much mashed potato between pit dough. Ugh. Yes that is what I also thought. I found a recipe that added onions to the potato an egg and milk too. Now that sounded better. I made them over the years with varying success. The only one I don't like is the plain one. 

So a few days ago, I had leftover turkey in its gravy and mashed potatoes. I did not wish to just reheat it and my better half was hinting at potato pie. So I made my favorite recipe of pie dough, as I said before, I always and only use Tenderflake and always make the recipe at the back on the box which makes about 3 full pies with covers. The first pie I placed the left over turkey with the rest of my cranberry sauce on top. Easy Peasy.

Before I started making the mashed potato pie, I added 2 eggs and about a half cup of milk to the original day old mashed potatoes, so it comes to 1 egg per pie. I then divided the potato mixture into the two pie shells. The one for my husband, I simply covered with the top pie crust. For the other, I caramelized onions till they were dark golden, I then added 3/4 cup grated cheese, the caramelized onions and then covered it with the pie dough. I baked all my pies for 45 minutes at 375° F. 

And voilà! A return on a recipe from the days of old. Of course with todays aversion to anything with carbs, I have trouble imagining people making it, but that potato pie served with chow chow (homemade style ketchup) is pretty awesome! The boys loved it and I found some pleasure in reusing the mashed potatoes. I served this strange meal with a lovely soup make from turkey stock, left over dried pasta I had made and green onions. Not super healthy, but super yummy.

I think serving this meal with a crispy salad would be perfect, we gotta have those veggies!

If anyone of you tries it, let me know how it went! 

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