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My time in Val David Part 1

My time in Val David Part 1

It is important for me to underline the good things in life, the great people I met and the wonderful places that were waiting to be discovered by my family and me.

Where do I start? Since I always speak of finding and using local products, I must tell you Val David’s weekend market is not to be missed if you are in the area. I discovered mushrooms that bring the sea to your meal and vegetables that were so fresh, I did not need to go to the market to buy any till the next weekend, never mind the cheeses and sausages, here is a link should you want to check it out. 

Marché publique d’été Val-David

Grilled green tomatoes platter with grilled haloumi, all from the Val David summer market

We treated ourselves several times to cheese and meat platters with the freshest bread. Most of the time we went to La Mie Richard, where their sourdough bread is not only deliciously fresh with cheese and pasta, but gets even better when made into toast or French toast. Yum. Boulangerie La Mie Richard

I also really enjoyed visiting a small market that was all about local foodstuff, I had some of the best sausages from there, they also had wines, great special vinegars, beers that would compel any aficionado to try. It is just outside the village, south of the village on the 117. Yann&Cie 

I saw that close by, in St. Sauveur and St. Agathe, there is this food chain store I have not seen in my area, it is called Bourrassa Alimentation, how lucky it is for Val David and the surrounding areas to have access to this place! It is a store that seems to serve restaurants, but opened to the public, they have loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses you could only dream of at a price I have never seen elsewhere, I mean, there was haloumi cheese under 5 dollars, great price! I bought a few pounds of Havarti for just over 8 dollars. We had much fun in there, hurrying through the frozen area to get all we need before our lips turned blue, suggestion to any going, use their refrigerator coats if you go. I don’t know how many stores they have and where, I am only aware of those two. Just go and let me know how much fun it was!

Le Magasin Général Val David was so fun! I did bring back a few nice pieces, can you believe they have butter dishes that actually fit our Canadian pound of butter! You will be seeing those new blue and white dishes in my blog, it seems to me food must taste better in pretty dishes. Just saying…

On to the local butcher…next to the corner gas station, I went often enough and really enjoyed their fresh sausages which were some of my favorite buys, though they also had great pieces like pork belly and short ribs. I saw and could smell the smoker active on a few days, so yum right? If you want to see what the locals are eating, go there!

Off to do some shopping, in short looking for antiques, special pieces or gorgeous doors for one’s pantry! I have two places to recommend after going to several, first is Brocantique, just north of Val David on the 117, at the very entrance of St. Agathe. I found the door to my pantry, I was looking for something old, something with character and something I could work with. I was also impressed with the quality of the merchandise they are selling. A destination not to be missed.

Next on my list is Les trouvailles d’Élaine, didn't get to see Elaine, but there was plenty more, a lovely antique store where you can browse to your hearts’ content and the owner is very knowledgeable, if you have questions or otherwise. I will absolutely return there when I am looking for a piece to brighten or give that finishing touch to a room. Voila! No website for them, but here is a picture of an antique pram I found there and their address.

Les trouvailles d'Élaine

2623, boul du Curé-Labelle, Prévost, QCJ0R 1T0


Something different for those of you looking for that little boost in taking care of yourself and your family, I have always used herbs in different forms as I have used homeopathy and naturopathy also, but I have had a renewed interest in our local vegetation for the longest time. When you walk the forests, hike among the falls and rivers of Quebec, you realize what you think is a weed is not. After visiting La clef des champs in Val David, I was blown away by so much knowledge that I went back for a second visit, taking the tour with a guide is the best way to go, but if you cannot, use the audio guide, if you are not the audio guide type, take the time to meander through the terraces of their gardens and learn what just might enrich you in ways you are not expecting. I have used La clef des champs’ products for years but little did I know, they base of operations were so close and open to visits. They have herbalists on sight and naturopaths some of the time that gives the tours,

So, as a fun day to add to your Summer, have breakfast Au Petit Poucet, go for a guided tour at 10:30 at La clef des champs, you will be out around 1:30 all the richer, then take the 117 up to St. Agathe to visit Brocantique, before reversing you steps and heading south on the 117 to Les trouvailles d’Élaine. It will make for a wonderful day, this day is already planned for my girls and I next summer. Note: For the touch, wear sensible shoes, there is a bit of a steep walk at times.

There is more I want to speak of, but I think this is enough for now, I need to keep some for later. Next I will speak of restaurants, because there are some good eats in Val David. 

Mourn, Take a Deep breath, Celebrate and Smile

Mourn, Take a Deep breath, Celebrate and Smile

Update on “What’s Up?” and Return to the House

Update on “What’s Up?” and Return to the House