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Welcome to the best part of my life. I will share here my passion for family, food and feeding them, it is truly feeding a crowd!


Life is short, try something different! R.F.

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Life is short, laugh more, worry less. R.F.
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Mourn, Take a Deep breath, Celebrate and Smile

Mourn, Take a Deep breath, Celebrate and Smile

There was something very poignant and difficult for me to watch my kitchen go down under the hammers. I always felt and still feel today, that my kitchen served me well and we have oh so many memories, it almost felt disloyal to get rid of it to get something new, even if it is better suited for myself and my family. I struggled with it for many days, and when it was all gone, I wondered if I could somehow put it all back together, I literally had butterflies of insecurity for the for the longest time. Only now that the new kitchen is slowly and painstakingly coming together can I start letting go of my old kitchen.

So many have contributors have been part of this process, from the man that delivered the wood for the floors, the men that took down the kitchen, those I met to research floors and floor finishes, the lady that helped me understand cabinetry and of course my sister in law who helped with the design, then my sons, my father and other workers, I felt a connection to them. They don’t know it, but I do! Unbeknownst to them, they are helping me build this kitchen in which memories will be created, where food will be prepared and shared, over laughter, tears, noisy suppers and quiet coffees, these people are helping bring together a space that will serve my family and my needs in a way that is hard for me to paint. Have I told you how grateful I am to my beautiful daughter-in-law for lending me her husband?

Each day brings advancement to the project and each day has unexpected happenstances, some are more fun than others, but they are all part of the journey.

As the water is connected to the new kitchen, extra outlets and switches added to the walls, plumbing aligned, stove hood raised and screwed in place, wainscoting added to the pantry and new windows put in to bring in that all important light, there is a place in my heart that swells with gratitude towards these people, I know that if a heart could form a smile, my heart would be smiling.

It feels so long ago, making pasta with my dad and family!

Conquering the Renovations

Conquering the Renovations

My time in Val David Part 1

My time in Val David Part 1