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Conquering the Renovations

Conquering the Renovations

I think I am starting to breathe, perhaps not often enough still, my watch keeps telling me to breathe, I sort of expect it to just say “Breathe! Damn it!” I do take a moment to breathe when the sign comes on, I loosen my shoulders and smile, because we all know, even when you don't want to smile, a smile, even just an inner smile makes things better.

The new kitchen is coming along so well, Dan the Man and my father are at it nonstop, my son also, coming in when they can and putting in all those hours. It seems to me, all my decisions are based on instinct, not sure that is how we are supposed to renovate a kitchen, but so far so good.

I am in love with so many things in the new kitchen, from the walk-in pantry to the new light fixtures, the size of the island and all the drawers! I even like the lazy Susan. Whodathought?

Of course, there is the whole hullabaloo about the quartz countertop, this is where I am taking a large gamble, it is rare that countertops are not neutral and mine, sure won’t be, the plan is a stormy cloud blue. I cannot wait to show you.

I am sure I wake up each morning with either a putty knife or paintbrush in my hands, the other day, I was caught painting in my pantry wearing my silk PJs, like really? But I did get a lot done. It seems to me my days consist of puttying, pulling joints, painting, doing touch ups and starting all over again the next day. I finally have some colour! So excited about that.

Ok, so have I been cooking? Not much, but I have made from scratch, Hollandaise sauce, easier than I thought, and too, I have started working on the dish I want to present to the Masterchef Canada judge for my first interview. Yup. Cause they called me. I had applied last year, and with how crazy things were this year, it was slipping my mind, so one fine day, while I was at the rental house, I got a call, asking me to reapply so I could be a contender. W00t! Seriously, I am excited, now if there is a way to make life more exciting, I say, having the chance to compete against other Canadian home cooks is awesome!!!!!!

Of course, there will be complete radio silence if I am picked to be one of the home cooks to participate, and till the season plays completely next winter, I will not be able to divulge anything at all! You will all have to wait and see!

Why is it, when I have no kitchen, am I summoned? Lol, too funny!

Too, I have been studying food, the judges, the rules, and many classic recipes too. There are 5 mother sauces in classic French cooking, and most I have been making without knowing they are mother sauces, only the Hollandaise I had not made very often. Homemade Hollandaise it soooo yummy, ask my kids!

Oh! It was one of my brothers’ birthday! Happy Birthday to you my little brother.

Today, as I write this, the guys are working on the island butcher block, 7.5” x 4” of wood, it comes in two pieces and they have now cut the corm out for the sink. Scary stuff, I still have not decided how to treat the wood, it will come to me later today, either a grey tone like my floors, or a darker natural tone like the kitchen beams.

One week today, till the Masterchef Canada interview, fun stuff!

I hope you enjoy the series of pictures I have added here and will write again soon!

MasterChef Canada 2017 Audition Day (for real!)

MasterChef Canada 2017 Audition Day (for real!)

Mourn, Take a Deep breath, Celebrate and Smile

Mourn, Take a Deep breath, Celebrate and Smile