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7 Ingredient Pasta Dish

7 Ingredient Pasta Dish

Some know, some will now know, that every Tuesday at my house is pasta night, it is a night where we are always more than 12 and as many as 20. We add tables and chairs, take out more tablecloths and always make room for extra guests. There is always a feeling of festivity and joy, never quite knowing who will show up to share in the feast. Sometimes the pasta I make are complex and delicate, other times, when I work till 6 pm, I have dishes I make that are short, economic and delicious.

This is one of them, I am struggling with measurements however, because, this recipe is very easy to adapt. Basically, you need good sausages, I get mine from my favorite butcher “Viking” in town, Costco also has good sausage. The sausage and the parmesan are the base of this recipe, I would make sure to have good quality ingredients, since there are not many.

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Pasta (I usually use Penne Rigate or Rotini)

Olive oil

1 onion, medium dice

8 to 10 links Italian sausage, hot and sweet at your choice (the meat removed from the casings)

½ to 1 cup white wine or vermouth

1 to 2 cups parmesan

4-6 cups (or more!) arugula, baby spinach, baby kale or broccoli

Salt and Pepper

Optional: Garlic, colored peppers, smoked paprika, oregano.


Get your pot of water boiling for the pasta, remember to add plenty of salt to your water.

In a large skillet, drizzle in some olive oil and add onions., cook them till translucent. Garlic is a good addition, but not necessary at this point.

Break in the sausages and let them cook completely.

Add wine or vermouth, it could also be chicken stock or water. Let it cook down till half the liquid is left. Season to taste (salt and pepper).

In the meantime, cook your pasta to time specified on package or as you like them.

Spread the arugula or other leafy vegetable in a large pasta bowl.

If using broccoli, add during the last few minutes of cooking the meat.

Once your pasta is cooked, strain and place into the pasta bowl over the vegetables, the heat from the pasta will cook your leafy veggies perfectly.

Top with the parmesan, and that's all there is to it. Mix at the table and serve.

This time around, I had green onions and added to make it pretty and I do like the taste. 

My go to, yummilious Tuesday/Noodle night pasta dish. Bon appétit!

Quiet Pasta Night at my house

Quiet Pasta Night at my house


 Richelle’s Airy Choco-Liqueur Cheesecake (No baking required!)

Richelle’s Airy Choco-Liqueur Cheesecake (No baking required!)

Biscotti for Caleb

Biscotti for Caleb