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Giant Oreo Peanut Butter Cup

You just have to make this! At least once, then you will make it again and again!

It's the perfect party food!

I so do love a dessert that is minimum fuss and a sure winner for those in my family with a sweet tooth. I have adapted this recipe from another as the original I had was even sweeter. This is is still ever so sweet, but a tad less and my dessert lovers still enjoyed it. Though, small slices are recommended.

Apple Crisp Tart

So, it isn't an apple crisp. It isn't an apple pie. I love both of those desserts, here is a really awesome variation that brings both together.

What is different about this dessert, is the dough, the dough is butter based and a tad sweet. It is easy to make also, it is a tad different to work with and roll out, sometimes more flour is needed, but not to much or the dough will harden. Anyhow, it is apple season, so not much sugar is used.